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Dread Game is a potent addition to the arsenal of any Shogun Method man who wants to build long-lasting and iron-clad long-term relationships and marriages.

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What's Inside The "Dread Game 101" Premium Program

  • How to “brute-force” her devotion and allegiance to you - virtually guaranteeing her loyalty to you and cementing your relationship against breakups
  • Ways to instill a healthy level of “fear” of you which will serve to strengthen the bond between you and her
  • Strategies to make her appreciate you genuinely, “erasing” bad experiences and emotional baggage from the past
  • Tactics to put her hypergamy under control (if you don’t know what “hypergamy” is - trust me, this is the SINGLE BIGGEST cause of all problematic relationships in the world)
  • How to fit Dread Game inside Shogun Method (in particular, the IRAE Model)
  • How to use Dread Game in three different scenarios: (1) When you make a mistake, (2) When you’re not sure if she’s “The One”, and (3) When your girlfriend or wife is giving you problems.
  • And more!

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