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The Ultimate Guide To Body Language Seduction

Derek Rake, Lead Instructor | Aaron Allman, Senior Coach (Alpha Male Activator)

Imagine you are talking to a gorgeous woman. You're listening to what she is saying... watching how her lips move to shape certain words and how her features punctuate each sentence with a charming look.

Imagine you are getting distracted by the gestures that she makes... how she sits ... and how she drinks her dry martini...

However, you can still keep talking to her fluently and coherently, without showing how much her looks actually intimidate you.

You are probably assuming that you know what she's saying from her WORDS. If you are, then you're mistaken.

A lot of guys seem to think that they can get what the opposite sex is trying to say from their WORDS. But truth is that only less than 20% of what women mean to say can actually be taken from their words.

The rest of what they mean to say has to be taken from female body language: (1) how they position themselves, (2) what their postures are like, and (3) how they "use" their bodies, in general.

If you wish to become the type of man that the opposite sex finds irresistible...

... you know, the type of man that women talk about by saying things like, "I NEED to make that man mine!", even if they haven't got a CLUE why they want you so bad ...

mandy... and if your wish is to become more popular and naturally irresistible, then there is only one ultra fast and easy way to reach that particular goal: work on your body language.

See, women tend to respond to their emotions instead of their conscious and intellectual mind. Because of this, body language would be incredibly powerful when put to use against the female instinct and their feelings.

To sort things out and find out how your body can be used to bring about powerful and undeniable attraction in women, keep reading.

With this guide, you can get industrial-strength knowledge on how body language can give you supreme confidence, and make you attractive and sexy... in other words, in turning yourself into the kind of man who can attract women naturally ... without even having to say a single thing.

The best part is that you will be getting a type of cheat sheet that will help you decipher what women really think about you. In fact, in just a few seconds of analyzing, you will be able to tell right away whether she finds you attractive or not.

You will even be able to change any repelled thoughts to completely attracted ones with only several basic adjustments that I am going to share with you later on.

With nothing but several easy changes in your posture and body language, you can put women at ease and awaken sexual attraction for you

And guess what... it doesn't even matter if she's attached or not... with this guide (and topped up with some Boyfriend Destroyer strategies) you'll get the upperhand against anyone.

However, you need to know what you're doing. These secrets are well-guarded and the majority of men out there don't know just how powerful they can actually be.

In fact, the majority of guys out there mistakenly concentrate on the things that they SAY and become nervous before even going up to a woman. They practice all sorts of jokes and lines, as well, hoping that they will be able to make these women laugh and relax ... however, they tend to completely forget THE MOST VITAL THING ....

... the fact that women don't really care what you SAY.

Listen to me here. Women care more about how you ACT and LOOK.

Since you're reading this guide, I am assuming that you have already digested Sonic Seduction. So, you should already know that a woman usually decides whether she will ever have sex with a man within the first ten seconds of meeting him. So, if you fail to take full advantage of this opportunity, you will need to work much more just to get on her good side again.

Pop quiz! What words could you say in only ten seconds to convince a gorgeous girl to take off her clothes for you?

Here's the answer... NOTHING.

No girl will want to jump into the sack with you in just five seconds of talking ... that is, unless you picked her up on a street corner while she was in tight black Spandex. (Well, if you want that type of woman, you will not have to read this stuff at all.)

However, you could turn a female on subconsciously ...

...and get her her think, "This guy really makes me feel freakin' awesome. Wow, I'm not sure why, really ... but I feel very good about myself around him. I also love how he moves ... maybe I should hang around for a bit longer to see if has good game to go with it ... what is it with this guy?"


Communication is only 20% verbal

Communication is only 20% verbal

If you've already seen the Dark Rake Method, then you'll know that the most effective way to seduce a woman is to do it covertly. Trying to reason a woman intellectually is a huge waste of time.

And guess what... there's nothing more covert than seducing a woman with your moves and nothing else.

Body language can either help you make it with women ...or completely break it. It can either make women laugh with you... or laugh at you. It can make women get physical with you... or have them run for the hills when you go for a kiss.

Even if you can TALK well, that won't mean much if her entire subconscious tells her nothing is going to happen.

So ...if you want to control female opinions on those vital "gut levels" and learn how to look manly, sexy, and confident then you can do so with ease now, with what I am going to share with you next.



Your body happens to work like a personal advertisement, so you can put it to use to get women to crave for you. However, if your advertisement turns her off, you could be in trouble. All you have to do is make your body send out active invitations to women that you are interested in. This means making yourself seem approachable and attractive at the same time.

Want to know how to do this? Simply use body language that is completely OPEN.

This kind of body language can make people look more confident, approachable and attractive by sending out clear messages that you have all of these traits - and all before even saying a word.

To get a better idea on this kind of body language, simply imagine what postures you would use whenever you feel sexy and happy. You might bring your shoulders back, make your head stand erect, and make your chin sit high up. You might avoid frowning or slumping - keep in mind that your face can look "open", too, by keeping the eyebrows up, the eyes wide, and a smile on your lips.

To make your body look more "open", let your arms hang loose and make motions with your hands as you talk. Also, instead of fidgeting or fiddling, just relax. While standing, keep your legs apart a bit and put your weight on the entirety of your feet.

Never cross your ankles, either, and keep your heels several inches apart. Make sure you always stand evenly and calmly and don't shift from one foot to the other or change your position too often.

As a side note, crossing your ankles is the body language equivalent of biting your lip. This will merely make you look fidgety and anxious so avoid doing it.

Rake's Rule #2. CHECK THE MIRROR

Do you ever wonder how other people see you?

It can be difficult to tell, even if you think you know your own body extremely well. As a matter of fact, the most that you can do to find out how others see you is by doing the following:

Ask some trusted friends for their honest opinions. Find out what kind of vibes you give across whenever you speak to people and ask them to be SPECIFIC. If they say you seem unapproachable or nervous, ask WHY they say that. Do you tap your feet a lot? Are you incapable of keeping eye contact? Get the full details.

Also, look at yourself in a mirror. Make sure you are socially engaged as you do this, otherwise this won't help. Make sure you watch how you talk and what gestures you make next time you are on the phone, for example. Whether you are talking to a potential date or a friend, it will definitely help.

Watch what you look like during your conversation. Do you have any unattractive or annoying habits? Maybe you obsessively play with your hair or constantly stand all slumped. Nothing beats self-observation to fix your image's kinks - remember that.


It is easy to control how your face looks. With it, you are able to give out expressions that are completely different to what you really feel. Your face can help you give out convincing lies, smile for cameras and play poker. However, the farther you are from your face, the more difficult it will be to hide your overall body language.

This means that FEET can actually be the most trustworthy sexual attraction indicators in the entire body.

What's even better is that they are easy to analyze. In general, people use feet to point at the things they really want. So, if you think your conversation with somebody is going smoothly because they are smiling and laughing ...

... only to realize upon looking down that their feet are facing away from you and towards the next exit ... you will know you aren't wanted.

People use their feet the same way they use signposts: to point to things that they want. This rule can be used to your full advantage in any dating and social situation.

Want to find out if a woman is really having fun talking to you? Then take a quick look at her feet. Feet that are pointing towards you shows a distinct interest (most of all if she isn't moving around).

Conversely, if she has a foot or both pointing away or even fidgets around with ankles crossing one another, this would be a sign of uncertainty, or a need to leave right away.

Here's how to identify her non-verbal attraction signals...

If in turn you want to learn whether she likes you, search for these signs:-

  • Sign #1 - She makes eye contact, smiles a bit and glances away right away. Repeatedly.
  • Sign #2 - She lightly brushes her fingers across her collarbones and throat. This classic area happens to be for lovers only, which means that only lovers can touch those areas. So, if she touches herself there a lot, she is showing that she wants you to touch her there, too.
  • Sign #3 - She slightly arches her back. This simple female body language means "Look at me. I want you!" Women use this particular posture whenever they want to look attractive because it particularly emphasizes on their best bits: the butt and the titties.
  • Sign #4 - Anything that women do to draw more attention to their lips would be a sure 'come-hither' move. She may subtly apply some lip balm or obviously pout and finger her lips. Sipping on a drink repeatedly or applying lipstick and even smoking can draw attention to female lips.
  • Sign #5 - She plays with her hair and repeatedly fluffs it whenever you talk (she is making herself more attractive for you).

If you want to get better with women, you've got to nail your body language - period.

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