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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Daily Shogun delivered?

The Daily Shogun is delivered in the form of one email a day for 100 days. Each email will contain a key insight from the Shogun Method knowledge base containing detailed explanation and tactics which you can put into action for quick results.

OK, I have entered my email address above. What do I do next?

Wait for the Enrolment email to arrive in your inbox. If you don't see it within ten minutes, check your Spam folder.

If you didn't get the email after ten minutes, submit a support ticket.

How many emails will I be getting from you?

You will get one Daily Shogun email every morning.

Note that this email comes IN ADDITION to the existing client emails that you'll be getting from us. Therefore, it's likely that you will receive two emails every day (i.e. one Daily Shogun email, and one email that comes from your core Shogun Method program).

Once enrolled into the program, can I unsubscribe?

Yes. You may unsubscribe any time you wish by clicking a link in every email that we send you.

Remember that once you have unsubscribed, we will remove you from the list forever.