The "NUCLEAR" Option

Download Everything inside the Shogun Method Knowledge Universe For One Flat Price

How much would you pay to access the entire Shogun Method Knowledge Universe Forever?

(I’m talking about every single program that I have ever published - right from the start until today.)




Well, I’ll admit this to you:

The question is somewhat moot because this option is not available to everyone.

In fact, so far, I’ve only allowed a small handful of my private Shogun Method coaching clients to purchase the entire Knowledge Universe.

And there are good reasons for this.

For one, you need to have a good understanding of Shogun Method for the other programs to make sense to you.

Jumping straight into, say, the Shogun Sequences Handbook without knowing the basic IRAE Model is a mistake.

(That’s like starting a PhD without a Bachelor’s degree.)

Not only that…

The danger of “information overload” is real. Knowing “too much” makes it hard to take action. Paralysis by analysis is a common problem.

So, for these two reasons, I do NOT recommend to a newbie Shogun to dive headfirst into the vast Knowledge Universe.

That’s certainly not the right thing to do.

However, if you’re an intermediate or advanced Shogun…

…and, if you want to deepen your knowledge and get the most complete set of Mind Control attraction tools available anywhere…

…then getting the entire Shogun Method Knowledge Universe could be a smart thing to do.

For a one-time fee of $1,797, you’ll get:

  • Every program listed inside the catalog, and
  • Every supplemental add-on programs listed on this page

But that’s not all…

In addition, I’ll also include a personal Strategy Session over two emails. You can use this opportunity to ask me anything or to get direct coaching from me.

For example, you can ask me to design a 100% customized action plan for you based on specific techniques from the Shogun Method Knowledge Universe.

I usually charge $398 for one Strategy Session, but for now, I’ll add this into the package at no extra cost.

So, what you reckon?

Do you think this service is right for you?

Yes? Then click here.

On that page, fill in the questionnaire so that I can understand your requirements better.

Here’s the catch, though:

Not everyone qualifies for this offer.

Because this package will only be sold to those who could benefit from it, I will evaluate each application personally.

To see if you qualify, submit this questionnaire.

I will then follow up with you over email within one working day.


Derek Rake

"Enslavement, Not Seduction!"

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