NEW BONUS ADDED: Get The New "MASCULINE VOICE HACKS" Premium Program FREE With Every Purchase Of Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2

IMPORTANT: Offer Expires On Monday (August 24th), 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time


Offer expires on August 24, 2020


A complement to the Verbal Dominance program, “Masculine Voice Hacks” is about verbal kungfu - it’s how Shoguns respond to challenges, arguments and insults from women - also known as Shit Tests.

You will learn…

  • How to develop the “Masculine Voice” - the opposite of the weaker, less dominant and unattractive “Feminine Voice”
  • The four deadly traits of “Feminine Voice” - see if you have them, and how to remove them immediately
  • The problem of “Hindsighting” (99% of all guys make this mistake) - how to catch it from slipping into your conversations and making you weak in front of your woman
  • The four “Masculine Voice Hacks” and how to use them immediately to sound manly, confident and dominant (she will surrender to your dominance subconsciously and not know why)
  • “Heat Switching” Hack - How to stop being on the defensive and launch the classic Shogun Method-style “verbal counterattack”
  • “Self-Echoing” Hack - How to avoid having to explain yourself… so that you are always operating from the point of power in your relationship
  • “Check-Out” Hack - How to win an argument by default… remember that the best victory is one in which you don’t have to fight (I will show you how to do this)
  • “Agreeing More Forcefully” Hack - This completely punctures a woman’s verbal attacks and takes the wind out of her sails… so that she loses her motivation to shit-test you.
  • And more!

Having the Masculine Voice will make her develop respect and admiration for you. All successful Shoguns have strong Masculine Voices: put this on top of your to-do list immediately - it’s that important!

This New Bonus Comes On Top Of The VERBAL DOMINANCE Premium Program That You Are Already Getting


Offer expires on August 24, 2020


Shogun Method gives you the knowledge on how to think and act like a dominant man. Verbal Dominance gives you the ability to speak like a dominant man.

You will discover...

  • …what the ten Verbal Weaknesses are, and how to fix them, one-by-one
  • …the biggest Verbal Weakness is (R*** A*******), and how it is making you sound feeble (many guys do this without knowing it!)
  • …how to stop sounding that you are seeking her approval even when you don’t mean it
  • …how to avoid letting emotions “bleed” into your voice (which will make you sound like a woman)
  • …ways to exert your dominance with small cues and verbal punctuation (easy but deadly effective)
  • …why humor and self-deprecation is absolutely HORRIBLE and should be avoided completely
  • …how to stop sounding whiny, nasal and squeaky (biggest turnoff for a woman, bar none)
  • ...and more.

If you’re using Shogun Sequences to escalate a woman up the IRAE stages, then Verbal Dominance is an absolute, must-have skill.

A worthy addition to your Shogun Method arsenal!